Weight Loss with a Coach

Weight Loss with a Coach


Weight loss is an up and down journey for many people. Instead of chasing another diet fad, consider a solution which is designed to be permanent. Our 12-week Permanent Weight Loss Program is designed to be the last weight loss solution you will need. Through the guidance and encouragement of our coach Donna Jennings, you will establish new healthy habits and create a lifestyle you can truly live with to keep your weight controlled long-term. If you are sick of buying bigger clothes, counting your calories without results, and falling short of your goals, now is a great time to jump into our 12-week program. If you are unsure about how this program differs from any other weight solutions, explore the difference with our program at Ageless Wellness Center:

What Does Weight Loss with a Coach Look Like?

  •       Build the Right Mindset and Attitude—You cannot reach your goals and maintain your progress without the right focus. In many diet plans, the focus is getting to your goal and then once you get there, you can lose momentum. We want you to meet your long-term goals, but we want you to celebrate small victories first. When you focus on the smaller steps, you can start winning your battle against weight and truly improve throughout your journey. Each day in your log, you will be encouraged to journal your small wins, goals, and actions so you can see how your progress is gradual. By celebrating your smaller victories, you will have the positivity and momentum needed to continue to work towards your long-term goal. In your weekly sessions, you will be praised for your weekly wins, encouraged to continue building a healthy lifestyle, supported emotionally, and educated on healthy tips to make your weekly journey more successful.  
  •       Create a Custom Plan—Our 12-week program is customized to fit your needs and goals. Instead of a one-size-fits-all solution which tells you the diet, workouts, goals, etc. you should use, we work with you to establish a plan to address your specific needs. Our program uses a food journal, but you do not have to count calories or amounts. You write down the types of foods you eat in each category. We also come up with a list of foods which you personally need to work on avoiding. You can enjoy the freedom of not being obsessed with calorie counts or points.
  •       Provide Accountability and Support—You will keep a log every day which records your food and water intake, exercise, sleep, wins, goals, and actions. The log addresses more than just food because weight loss hinges on a lot of components, including your activity level and emotional state. During the weekly meet up with Donna, she will review your workbook with you. She will celebrate all your wins and encourage you to continue working through your struggles. Donna also provides valuable tips and support to help you continue to build your healthy lifestyle, which will be sustainable way longer than 12 weeks.

If you are ready to lose the weight once and for all, sign up for our 12-week Permanent Weight Loss Program at Ageless Wellness Center. You deserve to break out of the diet culture, reach your goals, and enjoy a healthy life.

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