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Full Field Skin Resurfacing Treatments

Full field skin resurfacing treats the entire surface area of the skin. During this procedure, a laser beam is scanned over the treatment area, precisely eliminating the outer layer of skin. The body then naturally replaces the old, damaged skin removed by the procedure with a healthy fresh layer of new skin. As the laser removes the external layer of skin, it heats the underlying skin at the same time. At Ageless Wellness Center, we provide highly effective full field skin resurfacing treatments for our patients.

Full Field Skin Resurfacing

Full Field Skin Resurfacing Benefits

  • The action of full field skin resurfacing promotes the development of new collagen fibers. New skin that is firmer and smoother forms as the treated area heals. Certain treatments are shallow in nature, addressing conditions such as sun spots, fine lines, and old, tired looking skin. Other treatments go deeper and can improve skin texture and tone, eliminate deep wrinkles in difficult areas around the upper lip, and remove crow’s feet. Our full field skin resurfacing services is an excellent laser treatment for acne scars as well.
  • Regardless of the reason why you choose laser skin resurfacing, you can have confidence in the results our treatments provide. Experience the difference our full field skin resurfacing treatment produces – a younger, healthier looking, you.

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At Ageless Wellness Center, we cater to the unique needs of our patients with careful planning and evaluation prior to recommending an optimal holistic treatment approach for your skin condition. For more information about our full field skin resurfacing treatment services, give us a call today at 678.364.8414. You may also request an appointment using our convenient contact form.

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