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Intense Pulse Light Treatment Services

Intense pulse light (IPL) treatment is performed using a handheld device that is passed over the skin and delivers broad-spectrum light pulses into the deeper layers of the skin. The treatment process does not involve any injections or incisions – the light emitted from the device affects the skin on a molecular level. IPL is a very targeted process designed to address specific skin issues and problem areas. At Ageless Wellness Center in Peachtree City, we offer exceptional quality IPL treatments services that produce results our patients love.

Intense Pulse Light Treatment Services

Conditions Addressed by Intense Pulsed Light Treatment

  • Our IPL treatment services address a range of conditions, including acne, vascular lesions, pigmented lesions, and hair removal. One of the major signs of premature aging is skin discoloration. With the application of a series of photo facials, you can achieve a rejuvenated and more even skin tone. At the same time, you can benefit from intense pulsed light hair removal through the application of this process.

Important Benefits of Intense Pulse Light Therapy


There are multiple benefits to the patient who takes advantage of intense pulsed light treatment services. These benefits include:

  • Removes spots, lines, and unwanted hair

  • Faster treatment sessions than many other methods

  • Quick recovery

  • No damage to the top layers of skin – therefore, fewer side effects than using dermabrasion or a laser

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At Ageless Wellness Center, we serve the various health needs of our patients with a holistic approach, including various skin conditions. For more information about the intense pulsed light therapy and treatment services we offer in Peachtree City, call today us at 678.364.8414. Or, request an appointment through our convenient contact form.


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