Functional Medicine Offered by Ageless Wellness Center

Functional medicine is provided to patients from a knowledge base that focuses on the causes, prevention, and treatment/therapy to address chronic and often complex diseases. The approach of this form of medicine is systems biology-based and involves diagnosing and directing efforts to solve the root cause of a disease. At Ageless Wellness Center in Peachtree City, we offer a wide range of services under the banner of functional medicine to address the various health and wellness needs of our patients.

Patient Focused Care

The emphasis of functional medicine is directed toward patient centered care in order to provide a pathway toward optimal health for the patient and not simply the removal of the disease. The various types of functional medicine treatment services we offer to our patients include:

Functional Medicine Offered by Ageless Wellness Center

Integrative Healthcare Approach

  • As functional medicine practitioners, we consider multiple potential interactions involved in the patient’s history, lifestyle, habits, and physiology that may contribute to a particular illness. We also evaluate the genetic makeup of our patients in addition to other factors (external and internal) that may have an influence on the body’s various functions. Incorporating integrative medicine into our protocol, we are able to help identify any poor lifestyle choices that may be the root cause of a particular chronic disease.
  • Functional medicine combines Western traditional medicine with integrative medicine. The application of functional medicine often involves individual environmental and genetic research performed to discover more depth knowledge about the health status of the patient. By understanding the biochemical condition of the patient, we can diagnose the root causes of disease and help prevent further health risks and issues for the patient in the future.

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