Agnes RF Microneedling

Scarlet RF

What is Skin Tightening – Scarlet?

Imagine a facelift without the surgery! Scarlet is a technique coupling radiofrequency with micro needling to boost collagen and recapture a more youthful appearance. Your body’s collagen production will be stimulated, which will encourage your body to tighten and repair skin. Scarlet improves the appearance of crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, cheekbone/mouth sagging, loose skin around jaw, and smile lines. Skin imperfections such as acne, acne scars, and rosacea can be combated with Scarlet as well. Approved by the FDA, Scarlet is a revolutionary anti-aging solution for improving skin elasticity and appearance without the downtime and pain of surgery. Schedule a consultation at Ageless Wellness Center to learn how Scarlet could help you!



  • Combat Current Acne
  • Minimize Scars
  • Boost Collagen
  • Improve Skin Appearance
  • Tighten and Lift Loose Skin
  • Shrink Your Pores
  • Heal Sun Damaged Skin
  • Achieve Even Skin Tone

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