Permanent Make Up Peachtree City

Permanent Make Up

Stay Effortlessly Made Up

What is Permanent Make Up?

Permanent makeup is a tattoo of pigment in the dermal layer of the skin creating a natural long lasting enhancement. Our makeup solutions idealize lips, eyebrows, lashes, and eyelids subtly. With permanent makeup, you can regain your time spent painting your face and maintain your optimal appearance at all times. Your permanent makeup may need professional touch ups periodically to ensure the pigment stays strong, but this is not often. Our team can help you achieve a natural made up glow you can wake up with every day.

Permanent make up

Benefits of Permanent Make Up:

  • Appear put together at all times.
  • Have more time in the morning.
  • Wake up looking beautifully made up.
  • Experience makeup which survives your lifestyle.
Initial Consultation For Permanent Make Up

Initial Consultation

At Ageless Wellness Center, we recognize that every patient has unique needs so the consultation is crucial for planning your care. We will evaluate your health needs holistically so we can recommend the most suitable services.

Permanent Make Up

Discussing Needs and Developing Plan

We recognize you as a partner in reaching your optimal wellness. After listening to your concerns and your desires, we will recommend a customized plan.

Benefits of Permanent Make Up

Executing the Plan

Through your wellness journey, we will walk alongside you as we implement your individualized care plan.

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