Stem Cell Therapy

Inner Healing Power Accessed

What is Stem
Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy harvests stem cells from your fat cells to be used for the potential improvement of medical conditions. The therapy is a simple procedure, designed to encourage the activation of  your body’s natural regenerative processes.

The stem cell therapy process targets damaged or aged tissue to potentially regenerate the body and alleviate symptoms from medical conditions. Stem cell therapy can potentially benefit those suffering from degenerative, inflammatory, and autoimmune conditions.

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Potential benefits of stem cell therapy

Potential Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy:

  • Experience relief from debilitating symptoms
  • Improve your wellness and quality of life
  • Boost your health using natural healing powers
  • Enjoy a fast recovery
  • Regain youthfulness naturally

Who would be a candidate
for Stem Cell Therapy ?

If you are interested in stem cell therapy, schedule a consultation and we will determine if stem cell therapy would be suitable for you. In general, the following guidelines are observed when determining candidates for stem cell therapy:

Possible Candidates for Stem Cell:

  • Patients suffering from medical conditions such as autoimmune diseases, sexual dysfunction, hair loss, neurology, orthopedics, skin conditions, head injuries, or degenerative conditions.
  • Aging patients living with pain from degeneration.
  • Injured patients in need of tissue repair.

Patients Not Recommended for Stem Cell:

  • Patients with an active infection
  • Patients with an active cancer

There may be other conditions or factors which limit stem cell usage as well, but these determinations can be made through a thorough consultation with our staff at Ageless Wellness Center.

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