The Impact of your Genes

The Impact of your Genes


Everyone inherits a set of genes from their mother and another from their father, each with thousands of genetic variants. A genetic variant is a slight difference than the average population, usually occurring for better survival. While some may have no impact, other variants can impact health significantly.

Although genes may cause predispositions, it is important to realize that genes do not dictate destiny.  Genes cannot be changed, but how that DNA is expressed can be manipulated. Specifically, whether or not a certain gene will be expressed can be addressed. Knowing genes can help patients understand their risks and empower them to make wise health decisions. The more proactive a patient, the sooner DNA expression can be discussed and explored. 

If a patient chooses to look into gene data, they can learn how their body methylates, how it detoxifies, and sometimes how it processes medications. Patients can even trace why they may have certain tendencies, such as anxiety, retaining stubborn weight or an inability to process fat or sugar.

Genetics and functional medicine work hand in hand to help patients address the root of their health concerns. For example, if a patient believes, “I had a heart attack, so it must be my genetics,” that thought may be oversimplifying the issue. Genetics may be the gun, but they did not pull the trigger. Your genes may have brought the gun to the table, but your diet, lifestyle factors, stress, etc. are more likely what actually load the gun and pull the trigger. When discussing autoimmune diseases or cancer, toxins, infections, stressors, hormonal changes, diet, etc. could be the trigger. 

Seeing a person as a whole and seeking the root cause is far more beneficial than just writing off poor health and genetics. If you are interested in exploring your genes and health further, schedule a visit with us at Ageless Wellness Center. We want to help you understand your genes and empower you to live with your best health.

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