The Ageless Wellness Experience: Treating the Whole Patient | Employee Testimonials

The Ageless Wellness Experience: Treating the Whole Patient | Employee Testimonials


We’re proud to introduce, Tina, our new nurse practitioner at Ageless Wellness Center. In order to welcome her to the team and introduce her to our patients, we recently asked her what makes Ageless Wellness Center special. Tina revealed that she is proud that the team is connected to the medical service that we provide, the mindset behind it, and the founders of Ageless Wellness. “Not only does our team have knowledge of conventional medicine practitioners, but we are also integrative,” said Tina. 

She believes that it is the personal testimony of each staff member that sets Ageless Center apart, noting that each team member has their own story. “We are real and very authentic with ourselves and also try to be with other people. We practice being good listeners of one another, hearing each other as peers and colleagues. This overflows to the patients that we see,” she said.

For Tina, patient education is at the core of the Ageless Wellness identity. “We enjoy educating patients so that when they leave our office, they leave with a better understanding of their health. Often, patients say things like ‘nobody’s ever explained it to me that way,’ or ‘now I really understand why I have X, Y, and Z.’” She shares that while this is a rare treatment option for patients, it is a rare opportunity for our team members, as well. She says, “Medical professionals do not always get those kinds of educational opportunities in other types of office settings. A personal goal of mine is for you to understand and have ownership of why your body is doing what it is doing.”

Every patient’s experience at Ageless Wellness Center is unique because each person has unique life factors, goals, needs, and genetics. We help patients understand their medical concerns at a deeper level, so we can get to the root of the problem instead of treating the symptoms. Although most patients have experienced traditional medicine treatments for their conditions, this functional approach can be a groundbreaking new experience. 

Ageless Wellness begins every patient’s journey with a consultation. We listen to you, get to know your medical history and lifestyle, and formulate a plan with you to help you reach your wellness goal. Whether you are a patient suffering from a chronic condition or a patient looking for weight loss support, we can build a customized plan to help you improve your health and wellness. If you are ready to start your journey to wellness, schedule a consultation at Ageless Wellness Center today!


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