The Ageless Wellness Experience: The Caring and Positive Culture | Employee Testimonials

The Ageless Wellness Experience: The Caring and Positive Culture | Employee Testimonials


We are proud to have recently welcomed Julie to our team at Ageless Wellness Center. She works as a biller, helping us manage important financial aspects of our work, including scribe work and working the front desk. When asked what she loves about working at Ageless Wellness Center, Julie answered, “Ageless Wellness Center is a family and a relationship. It is everything that you could ever want in a job–to come in and have people ask you how you are doing and know that you’re just as important as the patients or just as important as the next person. You’re not just a number.”

Julie feels valued and supported by the team, which encourages her to pour into our patients as well. “Patients can tell I’m happy. So then, when they walk in and see how happy I am, patients think, ‘If she’s happy, then I’m gonna feel the same way,’ Julie shared. Her personal goal is to make patients feel just as happy as our staff is at Ageless Wellness Center. We love and care for our patients. We’re concerned about their well-being and how they are feeling. “If you have an issue going on in your life, we are there for you: making you feel like you are the most important person. It’s good to feel that way. It’s good to have someone there on your side that helps you feel like you’re part of a team. This kind of positive and genuine care is gonna do great things for patients,” Julie communicated. The culture of Ageless Wellness Center is deeply rooted in genuine relationships between our team and with our patients. Each patient matters to our staff greatly.

At Ageless Wellness Center, we feel that each patient is more than just a number. They are important and are entrusting us with their health. Each patient’s journey begins with a consultation. During this consultation, our primary focus is to listen to the patient. We strive to form a relationship that reaches far more than procedures. We believe that health and wellness are impacted by many factors, so getting to know the patient on a personal level helps us achieve a perfect plan of treatment. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on modeling positive and transparent behavior. Many times, our employees feel that they can relate to patients as they reflect on their personal journeys and remember their passion for helping others. 

Because we are professional, confidential, compassionate, and non-judgmental, we believe that patients feel secure and free to discuss any matter with us. We promote a safe haven for each patient to achieve their optimal health and wellness. At Ageless Wellness, we consider ourselves cheerleaders for our patients, encouraging them throughout their journey. Are you ready to experience the supportive care at Ageless Wellness Center? Schedule a consultation today!


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