The Ageless Wellness Experience: Not a Typical Doctor’s Office | Employee Testimonials

The Ageless Wellness Experience: Not a Typical Doctor’s Office | Employee Testimonials

Join us in welcoming Danielle Woodham, one of our new medical assistants here at Ageless Wellness Center. We asked Danielle to share how the experience is different from other medical offices she has worked at. “We make patients feel comfortable by bringing them in like they are family. Nobody wants to be at a doctor’s office, so we try to keep every patient with a smile on their face and make the experience positive,” Danielle stated. Our goal is to transform the way patients feel about doctor’s visits. The Ageless Wellness team is dedicated to patients’ comfort throughout their experience. “The difference between my previous job and Ageless Wellness Center is that it is full of some of the most energetic, positive people I’ve ever worked with. It is the happiest place I’ve ever been in my time in the medical field,” communicated Danielle.

One in three Americans avoids going to the doctor. This is partly because doctor visits can often feel detached and clinical. At Ageless Wellness Center, we strive to become a place that patients look forward to visiting. “We keep it fun here; we’re not your regular doctor’s office,” Danielle said. This begins with a warm welcome and the aesthetic views of our lobby.  Our center has been designed to capture the tranquility of a spa, so patients can feel relaxed and calm. Whether a patient comes to Ageless Wellness Center to get help for a medical condition or to improve their appearance through aesthetic services, our team is committed to making the experience positive and comfortable.

Relationships are the foundation of what truly makes Ageless Wellness Center unique. The relationships between all of our staff members are strong and supportive. We believe that our staff can extend genuine compassion and support because they all feel well-supported themselves. It is important to note that Ageless Wellness Center focuses on treating patients holistically. This includes supporting patients emotionally. If you feel uncomfortable about your health and wellness, our staff is willing to be a listening ear. Our team can partner with you to build a customized wellness plan, empowering you to achieve your goals and optimal health. Relax and enjoy your visit knowing that the team at Ageless Wellness Center is fully committed to your comfort throughout your wellness journey.

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