New Year, New You

New Year, New You


Especially at this time of year, overeating is so easy. Not surprisingly, 71% of New Year’s resolutions involve weight loss. Whether your struggle with weight loss has been a long journey or you are looking to lose a couple of pounds from eating a few too many Christmas cookies, the team at Ageless Wellness Center can help. We offer a variety of weight loss options, including Ideal Protein, appetite suppression, and HCG weight loss. We will schedule a consultation with you to help find the plan which will work for your needs and lifestyle. Our solutions are designed for long-term change, so you do not have to continue feeling like you are fighting a losing battle. Regardless of the type of weight loss plan you are on, there are a couple of tips which will help make your weight loss journey more successful:

  • Set Up Accountability—Especially when food has been a comfort, it can be challenging when you first start a new program. Accountability can come in many ways, such as a weight loss coach, a friend trying to meet goals as well, or even an app on your phone which allows you to track your diet and exercise. All of us can achieve so much more when well-supported so find accountability and encouragement for your journey.
  • Find an Exercise Option—Exercise is an important component to pair with your weight loss plan. There are a variety of exercise activities to fit every lifestyle and schedule. If you have some physical limitations, swimming could be a great choice for a low impact work out. If you enjoy exercising in a group setting, consider joining a gym with fun classes available. Regardless of the type of exercise you choose, be consistent and you will see results in your wellness.
  • Purchase Healthy Food Options—Impulse eating can greatly hinder your weight loss journey. When you purchase healthy food to have available, you will be less likely to need to visit the vending machine at work or swing through fast food for dinner. Healthy snacks, such as fruit, vegetables, Greek yogurt, and almonds, could be great alternatives to the packaged snacks available through vending machines.

If you want to jumpstart your weight loss journey and achieve results in 2020, schedule a consultation at Ageless Wellness Center. We can help you set goals and reach success which lasts.

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