Loving Your Skin Through Laser Treatments

Loving Your Skin Through Laser Treatments


The holiday season is a great time to show love to our family and friends. This is also the perfect time to show some love to your skin. At Ageless Wellness Center, we offer a variety of laser treatments, which can improve the appearance of your skin and eliminate unwanted hair. Whether you are considering gifting an improved appearance to a loved one or you are shopping for your own self-care, laser treatments are a gift which can be appreciated way past the holiday season. Our team can develop a customized plan to suit your needs and help you go into 2020 with a rejuvenated look. Explore these most frequently asked questions about our laser treatments to learn more:

Why is the winter season ideal for laser treatments?
Although people tend to think more about their leg veins during swimsuit season, the UV rays from the sun are harsh and harder to avoid during the summer months. In the wintertime, you can protect your skin more easily for the needed few weeks after your treatment.

How many laser treatments will I need?
Every patient at Ageless Wellness Center is unique in their needs and desired outcome so the number varies. When we have a consultation with you, our team will better assess how many treatments will be necessary.

What issues can be addressed with laser treatments?
Laser treatment can improve the appearance:
● Hyperpigmentation–age spots, sun damage, birthmarks, etc.
● Redness, small facial veins, rosacea, cherry hemangiomas
● Wrinkles, fine lines and crepey skin
● Scars (including acne scars)
● Rough skin textures–enlarged pores
● Laser hair reduction
● Leg veins

How does Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Treatment work?
This treatment combats skin discoloration and unwanted hair. Through using photothermal light energy, hair follicles, telangiectasias (fine veins) or hyperpigmentation (sun damage) are targeted. Although you may experience a little redness for a few hours afterwards, there is no down time needed from this treatment. Also, your skin will generate new collagen for an overall improved glow.

How does Laser Peel Treatment work?
A laser scans over your skin and carefully removes micron layers of skin. By removing the upper layers of old damaged skin, your skin will be healthier and younger looking. You can expect about 3-6 days of healing time. Also, you can expect to appear sunburned looking until the damaged skin finishes peeling off.

How does Profractional Laser Treatment work?
This treatment has been effective for a variety of skin conditions. Basically, the laser creates tiny holes deep into the skin which promote collagen production. This process can smooth wrinkles, scars, and other skin imperfections. The healing time usually is only 1-2 days. By day 3, you can usually apply makeup.

If you are interested in giving the gift of a youthful and healthy glow to yourself or a loved one this winter season, contact Ageless Wellness Center to learn more. We can build a custom plan to address your needs and help you reach your goals. Give a gift that creates a glow way past Christmas day!

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