How IV Therapy Can Help Boost Your Immunity

How IV Therapy Can Help Boost Your Immunity


Do you feel like you are coming down with a cold more often than not? Are you feeling run down and exhausted all the time? You may be surprised to learn that IV therapy can help boost your immunity! IV Vitamin Therapy is a great way to give your body the necessary nutrients to fight off infection and feel your best!


What IV drips do we offer to boost immunity?


Immunity Enhancement

Essential micronutrients are included in the Immunity Enhancement formula. These vitamins and minerals are potent anti-inflammatories with a high dose of Vitamin C. The IV was created to naturally strengthen immunity, reduce lingering illnesses, maintain blood cell health, reduce stress, regulate the circulatory system, reduce inflammation, and fight free radicals. It is especially beneficial for those susceptible to viral infections or inflammation.


Sleep Enhancement

The IV drip contains many vitamins and minerals that aid in restful sleep. Sleep is one of the essential parts of sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Restful sleep can fight off free radicals and keep your body functioning optimally. Without enough sleep, our bodies are more susceptible to infections, cardiovascular disease, mood swings, depression, anxiety, muscle tension, and memory loss. The Sleep Enhancement IV best suits patients with frequently interrupted sleep, chronic fatigue, stress, brain fog, memory loss, or migraines.


Liver Detox

This IV differs from the previously mentioned (immunity and sleep enhancers) by including amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. The solution effectively eliminates toxins that have built up in the liver and supports liver function. While the main goal is to target the liver, this IV also fights off free radicals, relieves symptoms caused by respiratory conditions, and boosts overall immunity. This is apparent in improved cognitive clarity, sleep enhancement, low frequency of headaches, relaxed muscles, and lower stress levels. The Liver Detox IV is best suited for patients with liver problems, alcohol consumers, chemical poisonings, industrial workers, those with skin disorders, or patients that apply chemicals to their hair, skin, or nails.


IV therapy can help improve your immunity, fight off infection, and allow you to live free of toxins. Contact us today to learn more about IV therapy and how it can benefit you!


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