Communication is Key to Wellness – Guy’s Story

Communication is Key to Wellness – Guy’s Story


At Ageless Wellness, we believe in getting to the root cause of a medical issue and making bedside manner and patient communication a top priority. 

Recently, we sat down with one of our customers, Guy Hester, and spoke with her about her experience working with the Ageless Wellness team. 

The Staff is What Really Makes this Place Special…

An appointment with aesthetician Aimee Costales and medical director Dr. Jamie Walraven led to Hester exploring aesthetic procedures like eyelash extensions and anti-aging treatments like Scarlet RF and Agnes RF.  

Not only has she had the opportunity to work with skilled staff to address her wellness needs, but she’s found that the aspect that stands out the most about Ageless Wellness is the personable and helpful staff. 

“I’ve actually used their Botox fillers and currently, my Scarlet and AGNES treatments, which have been amazing. But the staff is what really makes this place special,” Hester said in her sit-down interview with us. 

Making Patients a Priority 

She found that the team was more than willing to guide her through our procedures and talk her through each process, regardless of how long it took.  

“I don’t ever feel like I am rushed,” Hester told us. 

At Ageless Wellness, Hester was always made to feel like she was a priority. “The team never told me they couldn’t squeeze me in or made me feel like I wasn’t important,” Hester said. 

Hester advised those interested in any treatments or procedures to reach out as the Ageless Wellness team is willing to make recommendations and guide customers through the ” whole process.” 

Clear Communication is Essential to Wellness 

At Ageless Wellness, we understand that every patient who walks through our doors has unique wellness needs. It may be their first time seeking information about many of our procedures. This reason is why our staff take the time to answer questions and communicate all the services we offer. 

We hold consultations with each client we work with so that we can get to the bottom of your needs and create a complete and holistic plan to address them. 

Whether you’re looking for treatment for an autoimmune disorder or hormone replacement therapy, our team can offer the support you need to address your wellness concerns. If you are ready to begin your path to wellness, schedule a consultation with us today. 


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