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Dr. Jamie Walraven

Dr. Jamie Walraven knew she wanted to be a doctor since age three. She said, “I went into medicine because I enjoyed the science. Being a doctor is the best of two worlds, it combines helping people with the science of medicine.”

Dr. Walraven started her career in Emergency Medicine, also serving in that capacity in the US Army. Emergency Medicine enabled Dr. Walraven the flexibility of raising her three sons.

After ten years, Dr. Walraven ventured into aesthetics and anti-aging. In her quest, she also found bio-identical hormones, which evolved into functional medicine. What’s functional medicine? “It’s about getting to the root of the problem. It’s how we should practice medicine. In western medicine we treat symptoms, but you can have an impact when you get to the root cause,” said Dr. Walraven.

Dr. Walraven married functional medicine and aesthetics, which made perfect sense to her. She explains it like this, “You need to treat the whole person. You create a dissociation when someone feels younger, and doesn’t look as young as they feel. And vice-versa, when someone looks younger but doesn’t feel young. Aesthetic patients feel better because they look better. Functional medicine patients look better because they feel better. Beauty starts on the inside.”

Part of her aesthetics practice included liposuction. Having that expertise made it possible to add adipose stem cells as a clinical treatment. “It’s a great treatment for disease processes and a way to naturally heal the body,” said Dr. Walraven.

“Dr. Walraven is a constant seeker of knowledge,” said Business Partner and Nurse Practioner Linda Faulkner. Linda met Dr. Walraven as her patient, appreciating her dedicated attention and how she got to the root of the problem.

“I referred patients to her who were a mess; every doctor had given up on them. I witnessed these patients get better, and become well and happy. They would say, ‘Dr. Walraven changed my life.’ That’s real medicine. What you see is what you get with her, the genuineness and the kindness, and the brilliance,” said Linda Faulkner, NP.

Dr. Walraven loves to spend time with her boys and her friends, particularly at Georgia Tech games.

She likes to read, ride horses, cook and do artistic projects. She brings her inner artist to aesthetic procedures. “What I enjoy the most is putting in fillers, because I can change someone’s appearance instantly. It appeals to me creatively. You have to have some artistic vision and ability in order to do fillers. And you see results immediately.”

Linda Faulkner called Dr. Walraven “an artist of the face.”

  • B.S., Judson College in Marion, AL, Majored in Chemistry, Minor in Biology. Pre-Med
  • M.D., Graduated University of Alabama School of Medicine in 1993.
  • Research, Redstone Arsenal for NASA, 1991.
  • Six Years, Active Duty as Army Medical Doctor, served at Fort Hood, Fort Stewart, deployed to Egypt and Iraq.
  • Emergency Medicine for 10 Years.