About Us

Beth Shell

Beth says, “I am so thankful for the opportunity to work in this environment, with such amazing women. Little did I know earlier this year that when a longtime friend felt a nudge and trusted that voice to reach out to me how incredibly blessed I would be.

To be a small part of this practice is truly a gift. I am challenged and learn something new everyday.”

With a personal family history comprised of multiple health conditions and ailments, Stem Cell Therapy has been on Beth’s radar for quite some time. Now, as part of her position here at Ageless Wellness, she routinely enjoys the opportunity to witness our patients achieve happier, healthier, more full lives through such treatments. 

Beth’s background has always been patient or client based. She has been a part of the Airline world, the family owned retail-business world, and the medical world, both in outpatient settings and through in-home care.
Life for her is full of family (which seems to be growing by the minute!). She says, “The opportunity to work part-time with these wonderful women and our patients, while spending ample time with my husband, children, and grandchildren, is just what the Great Physician ordered.”