About Us

About Us

The Ageless Wellness team is passionate about making women and men not only look better, but feel better.

Medical Director, Dr. Jamie Walraven said, “I’ve had patients that have tears of joy from what we’ve done. In aesthetics, it’s great to see somebody love the way they look, because you’ve restored their youthfulness.”

Dr. Walraven describes removing a brown spot from a woman who detests seeing it every day. “We restore her confidence by improving her skin. When women are happy with their external appearance, and they’re looking their best, they smile a little bit bigger.”

Ageless Wellness is more than aesthetics, the team also gets to the root of disease through functional medicine. “We have patients every day that are tired and overweight, and are having hormonal imbalances and low energy. They are frustrated with the standard of care in medicine. They’ve accepted how bad they feel every day. A year later they come back and they are looking brighter. They say, ‘I’d not realized how bad I felt, until now. I feel better,’” said Dr. Walraven, Board Certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

Dr. Walraven brought Nurse Practitioner Linda Faulker as a partner into the practice so that they could open Stem Cell Center of Georgia, where stem cells are derived from the patient’s fat, and then re-introduced to the body to treat a variety of issues. “It’s a great treatment for disease processes and a way to naturally heal the body,” said Dr. Walraven. She continued, “It’s gratifying to see the difference that it makes in people’s lives.”

In 2008 Dr. Walraven founded Ageless Aesthetics. Ageless Wellness, a partnership of Dr. Jamie Walraven, Nurse Practitioner Linda Faulkner and Chief Financial Officer Karen Sagon, started in 2015.

Linda Faulkner believes in this partnership. She said, “We have the same values and integrity. We all want the best of the best. We have the same philosophies. We complement each other in terms of business. We lift each other up to our highest selves.”