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Ageless Wellness Center brings about positive change from the inside out.

Don’t let age define how you feel or how you look.

You can be ageless.

You can feel well.

That’s Ageless Wellness.

Dr. Jamie Walraven

We start with the inside, with the practice of Dr. Jamie Walraven, who gets to the root of health concerns utilizing the wisdom of functional and regenerative medicine. Dr. Walraven persists in finding causes of health problems; she doesn’t stop until you feel better.

It is also the home of Stem Cell Center of Georgia.

For more information about participating in our research studies on adipose stem cell treatments, click on this link.

And we look
at the outside.

Beauty doesn’t end at a certain age. Ageless Wellness Center offers a full range of aesthetic services to enhance your natural beauty. For our full range of services, click here.

Call our office at 678-364-8414 for an appointment.

We’ll help you feel better, look better, be ageless.

Fixing Fatigue for Peachtree City Woman

With deadlines, direct reports and a demanding boss, Ann* (name changed,) an Atlanta office manager, had plenty of work stress. At age 48, She had a stereotypical sullen teenager, and a young adult who just moved back home. Her husband was going through a mid-life crisis, needy for her time and attention. Their marriage was a source of frustration rather than support for Ann. Add in the death of her mother this year and it was the perfect storm of weight gain, low energy and carbohydrate cravings.

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