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Finding and Fixing Heavy Metal Toxicity Through Chelation Therapy

Sheila Carlisle had known for a long time that she didn’t feel well. The 47-year-old resident of Tyrone is a Realtor with two children, four dogs, three cats and a bird. That busy life is enough to wear anyone down, but for Carlisle it was especially troublesome.

“My sickness started back in 1999 after I had my son,” she explains. “I noticed lots of fatigue, joint pain and discomfort in doing the everyday activities that I would normally do in taking care of my animals and children and working.”

Exercise and diet made life tolerable for a while. But then about six years ago she began suffering debilitating pain in her muscles and joints. She also began experiencing skin-related pain.

“My hands would break open and bleed and I thought I must be doing something wrong,” she said.

After visits to several doctors, a rheumatologist diagnosed Carlisle with lupus and psoriatic arthritis, which is characterized by the development of red scaly patches. She was administered injections of Humira and several other drugs, including steroids, which only seemed to make things worse.

“I was bedridden for a month,” she recalls. “I felt like there was something inside of me causing this and nothing that I could do would help, and the doctors I was seeing were just putting a bandaid on it. I was just ready to do something different.”

Then a friend referred Carlisle to Ageless Wellness Center in Peachtree City. On her first visit, Carlisle met with nurse practitioner Linda Faulkner “and I literally felt like I was home. She listened to me and let me cry. That’s when I did all my testing for food allergies and what was in my blood causing all these problems.”

After a few weeks, it was determined that Carlisle was allergic to several things, including vanilla, almonds, pork and eggs. But the main thing they found was large amounts of mercury and copper in her system.

“When I found that out I was not surprised,” she says. “I knew right away this was my problem all along.”

Carlisle is from Western Kentucky, where there are underground coal mines all over the area. Her dad even worked for one.

“Growing up, I didn’t think about the water I was drinking, but now that I’ve been diagnosed with mercury and copper poisoning, I know there were tons of runoffs from the coal mines in our water stream, and I drank that for 18 years.”

Dr. Jamie Walraven, Linda Faulkner and the medical professionals at Ageless Wellness put Carlisle on a regime of chelation therapy treatments, an IV therapy in which the patient is administered a synthetic amino acid called EDTA (ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid) that detoxifies the body by bonding with metals, which are then carried out through the urine.

The treatments are once a week for about 90 minutes. After the first one, Carlisle’s energy level soared. After the second, the scaly sores on her hands and other parts of her body began to clear up. It will take up to 30 treatments to completely rid her body of the mercury and copper, and she’s about halfway there — and already feeling 99 percent better.

“There are no words to describe what Ageless Wellness has meant to me,” Carlisle says. “The doctors and the staff are loving and kind. They make me feel at home and not apprehensive. Since I’ve had these treatments, my life has completely changed. I’m able to go out there and work 8-10 hours a day, come home, walk my dogs, cook and clean and do all the things I enjoy doing. Before I felt like I was in a fog.”

Ageless Wellness Center is located at 1000 Commerce Drive, Suite 300, Peachtree City. For more information about chelation therapy or to make an appointment, call 678-364-8414 or visit their website at agelesswellnessptc.com

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