for the Month of AUGUST

Great Facial Combo

Ageless Wellness Center carries two of the best skin care product lines: Image SkinCare and PCA (Physician’s Care Alliance). This month we are running a combination of facial and product special. Purchase $75 or more of Image Skin Care or PCA Skin Care and receive $25 off an Ultimate Facial or Oxygeneo Facial. Get your summer glow on!

Synergie Special

This non-invasive vacuum massage improves the lymphatic drainage system and increases blood circulation to the skin and subcutaneous tissues, which helps lead to a reduction in cellulite. 8 treatments for $600 or 16 treatments for $1000, savings over a $100.

IV Vitamin Package

Boost your immune system to fight off viruses and other illnesses. The IV Immune Boost contains all the B-vitamins, Vitamine C, Magnesium, and Zinc. Purchase 5 for $750 and get one complimentary.

New Patient Special/ Referral Program

$75 off to any new functional medicine patient to Ageless Wellness Center and our staff would like to thank any existing patient who refers a new patient to a $50 account credit.

Dynamic Duo Special

This combo will regenerate and rejuvenate your skin. Purchase a skin tightening treatment with a micro-needling facial for the ultimate collagen induction for the skin. $600 and this will save you $100.

Viora & Synergie Combo Special

Combine the best of two great cellulite devices. Purchase a Viora treatment to target one body area, and receive 4 Synergie treatments. All for $650, a savings of $150. The Viora is our newest cellulite and skin tightening machine that uses RF, Radio Frequency, energy to stimulate and strengthen collagen and elastin fibers.

IV Immune Injection Package

Purchase 5 immune boost injections for $200 and get one complimentary. This injection contains B-vitamins and Lysine (an antioxidant for health and wellness).

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