12-Week Permanent Weight Loss Program

12-Week Permanent Weight Loss Program with a Coach

Do you feel like your weight loss journey is never-ending? Are you burnt out on fad diets, counting calories, eating nothing but salads, and making goals you cannot seem to meet? At Ageless Wellness Center, we want to help you make a meaningful life change which can keep you from falling into this constant diet cycle. We developed our 12-week Permanent Weight Loss Program to help you find a solution which is healthy, realistic, and sustainable. In this program, you will be guided and encouraged by our coach, Donna Jennings, to meet your goals. By focusing on developing a healthy lifestyle and habits, you can achieve results which truly last.

Do I Have to Measure and Eat a Restrictive Diet?

This diet is designed to fit within a life of moderation. You will journal the foods you eat, not the amounts. You will not be counting points or calories constantly. We believe in teaching moderation so your healthy eating habits will be sustainable and not another band-aid diet fix.

How is this Weight Loss Different?

A changed mindset is the central difference between this plan and fad diet plans. All diet plans could potentially help you lose weight, but most cannot actually help you keep it off long-term. Maintaining your healthy weight is only possible when you have the right attitude and mindset. We can help you make reasonable goals, overcome your past challenges, and establish healthy habits. Our coach will encourage you to celebrate small victories, set daily goals, and process your feelings throughout the week.

Do I Go to Meetings for My Program?

You will have a weekly meeting with Donna where she will give you guidance and encouragement for the week ahead. You will keep a journal in between sessions. The journal is a quick log which notes food and water intake, hours of rest, exercise, goals, action steps, and victories. This log can be filled out in 5-10 minutes, so it does not have to be overwhelming.

How Do I Get Started?

Contact Ageless Wellness Center to schedule a consultation with Donna to learn more!

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