About Us

Sheree Dover

Sheree is a devoted mother of three, which is her pride and joy to see them grow into young adults walking into the new generation of change.

Sheree started her career in healthcare as a phlebotomist in 2000, majoring in pediatrics and geriatrics. In 2002 she expanded her career as a Medical Assistant while building character and more knowledge in the healthcare industry, and her mind continuing to be intrigued. Sheree graduated in 2006 as a Surgical Technician in which the field of plastic and general surgery drew her interest. But that path stopped there. All this opened her to move over to the hospital setting where she grew as a pharmacy/IV technician, which she remained until her relocation from Meridian, MS to Atlanta, GA.

Sheree crossed paths with Dr. Walraven and Linda Faulkner in 2011 where they began to grow both urgent care and functional medicine. During this setting she grew beyond so many measures such as Laboratory Manager of 6 locations, lead Medical Assistant and eventually, Clinical Office Manager.

She says, “I love being a part of the Ageless Wellness family for self-growth, self-care, doing what makes me happy. They treat each and every one like gold by leaving them better than we found them. Everyday being a part of this organization is a privilege to see patients fell better and fall in love with taking care of themselves as a whole. If you want to give light to others, you have to glow yourself, because healthy outside starts from the inside.”