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Bring Inner Beauty to the Surface

What if your blood had powers?

Turns out, it does. It can be spun into Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). While Ageless Wellness Center in Peachtree City often treats injuries and inflammation with PRP, they are also using it to superpower aesthetics.

The use of platelet rich plasma (PRP) to stimulate collagen growth is a fairly new concept in aesthetic medicine, but one which is gaining popularity for those seeking alternatives to traditional facial and cosmetic surgery, or even synthetic fillers.


Why use Platelet Rich Plasma to improve the look of the face?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) benefits“I have used it on several occasions for people who were afraid of using fillers or didn’t want to appear overdone, and they were all very happy with the results,” Dr. Jamie Walraven of Ageless Wellness Center says, recalling one client named Laurie, a professional woman in her 40s who has a sales job.

“Her appearance is important to her not only because she wants to look good, but she doesn’t want to appear unnatural,” Walraven explains. “She’s just now beginning to lose some volume in her face that’s noticeable. With fillers, people are often concerned with how much is too much. But your body is not going to make something that isn’t there. With clients like Laurie, PRP restores youthful appearance, but doesn’t make your lips or cheeks look bigger than they would naturally.”

How does the process work?

It begins by drawing blood from a patient, spinning it down and extracting the plasma, which is then spun down again to isolate platelet rich plasma. PRP can then be administered in a number of ways for a number of conditions. The PRP is then either injected, or used in conjunction with microneedling or lasers.

“All the growth factors in PRP that make it good for healing inside your joints can also help in rejuvenating skin,” Walraven says. “We can use it under the skin, particularly in the face like a biologic filler to stimulate rejuvenation in that area. It increases collagen and basically plumps up the tissue.”

What are the benefits of PRP treatments for aesthetics?

PRP treatments differ from synthetic fillers like Juvéderm or Bellafill in that you’re not going to see results right away, Walraven says. But the benefit is that PRP is all natural, extracted from your own blood. The entire procedure is safe. And for the price of just one or two syringes of filler, you can treat the entire face.

“When you use it with microneedling, you basically put the PRP on the skin and then microneedle over it, so all those microneedles push the PRP down into the skin. It helps increase the collagen and rejuvenate the skin,” Walraven says. “Also, if we’re doing a laser peel, PRP can shave a day or two off the recovery process.”

Another benefit is the time involved. From start to finish, the procedure takes about two hours — the first hour to draw and isolate the PRP, and then another for the microneedling or injecting process.

Who are the ideals candidates for PRP treatments?

The treatments work best for people in their 30s to 50s who still have a lot of youthful collagen in their face. Those who are not good candidates tend to be older women who have lost more of their natural collagen. They may need to look into the synthetic fillers that Ageless Wellness offers, instead.

Walraven explains, “As we age our faces change and we start to look older because we have jowls, or what we call “marionette lines” around our mouths. In the cheeks we start to see what we call tear troughs. You might see some hollowing under the eyes or in the temples, and some people even have less volume in the forehead and you may get a ridge there. That happens slowly, but over time those are some of the subtle clues you look at to guess someone’s age.

“What we do with filler is try to revolumize that,” Walraven continues. “If somebody needs a whole lot of volume PRP is a great option.”

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