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Our Patients Say

They are both Exceptional Women who I believe to be blessings from God! Just when I was starting to lose faith in healthcare, I came across these two. They have renewed my hope and I believe despite my health issues we can work together to regain a better quality of life for me! Everyone at Ageless Wellness Center is committed to providing the best care for their patients.”

Lisa H., from Peachtree City

The staff are truly Amazing!! The atmosphere is so peaceful!!”

Tiffany V.

These ladies are the best there is! I will trust them again and again.”

Donna C.

Thank you very much for your willingness to take me on as a patient, for your willingness to try the procedure that you did that absolutely was a success and changed my life. It saved my leg, and saved everything about me. It meant the world to me, because of what you’ve done. Every time I feel my leg, and I use my leg and my feet hit the floor, I think of you. You did a miracle, I know you were a vessel of God that did this. I’m forever grateful.”

Scott N. on his Stem Cell Treatment

I’ve been so impressed with the quality of skin care I’ve received through Joan. She clearly knows aesthetics and has been able to customize each treatment I’ve received based on what’s currently going on with my face. A little acne? No problem, she can zap that. Some unwanted hair? She can wax that quickly and relatively painlessly. And the facials are a great source of relaxation, too. Joan does it all with such a good rapport and connection, that seems characteristic of your entire staff. I’m so happy to have found Ageless Wellness.”

Ellen S., from Sharpsburg

In January of 2015 I visited Ageless Wellness Center for the first time. Over the course of the previous year my weight had shot up nearly 40 pounds. I couldn’t sleep, felt very lethargic, suffered from foggy brain and pulled back from social engagements because I was always tired. As an Army Reserve officer and avid gym enthusiast for nearly 40 years I have always prided myself on being in great condition and maintaining a positive outlook on life. But 2014 was one of the toughest years of my life.

During my first visit to Ageless Wellness Center Dr. Walraven spent more time with me than any doctor has ever done. She was interested in my background and lifestyle choices that might be impacting my health.

After further test I learned that my adrenal system had crashed and my cortisol levels were completely out of balance. This was the reason all my attempts to improve were met only with frustration. Dr. Walraven explained that it would take time to turn things around; my own research confirmed this to be so.

Now here it is January 2016, exactly one year since my first visit. In the past four months I have added 10 pounds of lean muscle and my workouts are the best they have been in 15 years. I once again look forward to going to the gym and see improvements in strength and energy every week. At 52 my four boys, ages 18 to 25, have a hard time keeping up with me. I also sleep better, have far more energy and even finished writing my second book.

I am truly thankful for Dr. Walraven, Linda Faulkner and all the great people at Ageless Wellness Center for helping me get back on track.”

Chaplain Kenneth Koon, D.Min, Executive Director, Armed Forces Mission