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IV Vitamin Therapy

At Ageless Wellness Center, we can personalize and order specialized IV vitamin therapy to meet your medical needs.

The most common IV therapy we offer is called a Myers Cocktail.

What is a Myers Cocktail?

The Myers Cocktail is an intravenous vitamin infusion designed to enhance your immune system, which can be helpful with healing when you are sick. It is named for the late Dr. John Myers, M.D., a Maryland physician who used intravenous injections of nutrients to treat his patients.

What’s in a Myers Cocktail?

The cocktail basically consists of three chemical elements:
— Magnesium, which is essential to all cells and some 300 enzymes;
— B-complex vitamin, which plays an important role in cell metabolism;
— Vitamin C, an ascorbic acid essential to the repair of tissue and the functioning of several enzymes and the immune system.

At Ageless Wellness, the IV treatments are specifically mixed to maximize the anti-inflammatory and healing capacities of each dose, with extra magnesium and vitamin C added to help reset the immune system.

The usual composition of the Myers Cocktail is:

  • B complex
  • Vitamin C
  • Magnesium
  • Dexpanthenol (B5)
  • Calcium

What conditions is the Myers Cocktail used for?

Many chronic conditions respond to a series of Myers Cocktail infusions. They include:
— Fibromyalgia
— Chronic fatigue syndrome
— Chronic depression
— Rheumatoid arthritis
— Ulcerative colitis
— Chronic asthma and other lung disease
— Congestive heart failure
— Chronic allergic problems

Additionally, patients who are sick frequently with infections may find an increased immune response, with less susceptibility to in acute situations such as viral illnesses.

How does the Myers Cocktail work?

Many illnesses and conditions are associated with digestive disturbances such as bloating, maldigestion and food sensitivities. People with such conditions may not absorb many of the nutrients needed to return them to good health. Also, many diseases cause the body to use nutrients at a faster rate, or to require higher amounts for proper healing. When nutrients are injected intravenously, the digestion is bypassed.

Furthermore, the levels in the bloodstream are temporarily increased so that the nutrients are “coaxed” into the cells, and frequently into the mitochondria where they are active. This temporary boost frequently “kick-starts” the cells, so that energy is produced more efficiently in them.

Who is a candidate for IV therapy treatment?

Anybody with any kind of a gut issue or who has been working towards minimizing pain or inflammation or any kind of illness or malady. What’s going on is usually an absorbability issue. It’s about healing the gut from within, and the nice thing about IV nutritional therapy is it completely bypasses the gut and goes cell to cell. Treatments are highly recommended for people who travel or fly frequently, to prevent illness during or after a trip.

How often do I need an infusion?

For someone dealing with any chronic or acute issue, such as healing from a fracture, injections are recommended once a week for the first month. Otherwise, for patients suffering simply from pain, inflammation or fatigue, IV treatments are recommended just once a month.

IV treatments are also recommended for pre- and post-procedures, like stem cell therapy, platelet rich plasma, and any cosmetic procedures, as it can help to boost collagen repair and healing.

How do I know if I need IV Vitamin Therapy through Ageless Wellness?

Typically, someone considering IV Vitamin Therapy will go through a prescreen evaluation with one of our medical providers, like Dr. Jamie Walraven, or Nurse Practitioners Linda Faulkner or Sandra Salter. The cost of the basic Myers cocktail is $150. For more information about the IV vitamin therapy or to make an appointment, call 678-364-8414