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Synergie Massage

The Synergie massage is an effective non-surgical alternative for body sculpting and cellulite reduction. This non-invasive treatment provides optimal stimulation, stretching and pressure to subcutaneous tissues that is not easily achieved through traditional massage techniques. The Synergie machine is FDA-approved for the reduction of cellulite. With a series of Synergie treatments, you will see and feel the improvement of your skin and the shape of your body.

How does Synergie Massage for Cellulite Work?

Synergie uses Vacuum Massage Technology, which gently combines suction and pressure to release the fluids in the fat cells that cause cellulite. The specific treatment techniques increase lymphatic drainage and blood circulation to flush the fat cell fluids and reduce overall water retention. The treatment also helps to stimulate the skin tissues and increases blood circulation at the subcutaneous level. This level of massage goes far deeper than traditional massage techniques administered by a person, and works by gently massaging the tissues so that the fat cell fluids can be released through the lymphatic system. Plenty of water consumption is needed to aid the body in flushing the fats and toxins from the body through the increased metabolism of the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

What is a typical treatment like?

It is completely painless, relaxing and feels similar to a traditional massage. The typical treatment time is about 40 minutes in length. During the procedure you will wear a body stocking to ensure your comfort and preserve modesty. The treatment is performed on a comfortable massage table.

The Synergie treatment program for cellulite reduction consists of two phases: the aggressive phase and the maintenance phase. The aggressive phase usually consists of twice-weekly sessions over an 8-week period. The initial quantity of treatments will be based on your individual needs. The maintenance phase consists of a once a month treatment to maintain the desired appearance and skin tone.

Key Benefits of Synergie Massage

The areas best improved with Synergie are the buttocks, thighs, legs and hips. However, many patients report a reduction in size around the hips, tummy and arms following a series of treatments. Additional benefits of this treatment include the boosting of the immune system and stimulation of collagen production.

How do you achieve the best results?

In order to achieve the best results, the individual should follow a healthy diet and maintain a consistent exercise program. This helps to flush away toxins and ensures the body is getting rid of all metabolic waste that had been accumulating in the fatty pockets.