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How Liz Beautified with Bellafill

Liz Lane was newly retired after a “long and lovely” career in nursing three years ago, when she first heard that her good friends Dr. Jamie Walraven and Linda Faulkner had developed a unique medical practice called Ageless Wellness Center. “They asked if I would be...

Stem Cell Therapy Saves Leg

Prior to coming to Stem Cell Center of Georgia, Scott Newby was told by a vascular surgeon that his only option was amputation of his leg, as his toe was black with a lack of circulation. Here’s what he said after having stem cell therapy treatment at Stem Cell Center of Georgia.

Bye-Bye Femstache

She was a really good friend. And she was completely inebriated at a local charity function when she pointed at my face and said, “We should go wax together.” That was the moment I knew I needed to do something about my femstache.

It’s always been a bit of a problem. With dark, dark brown hair, I used to pluck it in high school. Painful and ineffective.

Fixing Fatigue for Peachtree City Woman

With deadlines, direct reports and a demanding boss, Ann* (name changed,) an Atlanta office manager, had plenty of work stress. At age 48, She had a stereotypical sullen teenager, and a young adult who just moved back home. Her husband was going through a mid-life crisis, needy for her time and attention. Their marriage was a source of frustration rather than support for Ann. Add in the death of her mother this year and it was the perfect storm of weight gain, low energy and carbohydrate cravings.