Aesthetic Services

Bring Inner Beauty to the Surface


Smile a Little Bit Bigger

Dr. Jamie Walraven likes to bring her clients to tears. Tears of joy. The broad range of aesthetic services—from facials to liposuction, fillers to lasers—make women in Peachtree City feel happy about their appearance.

“In aesthetics, it’s great to see somebody love the way they look, because we’ve restored their youthfulness,” said Dr. Walraven. She continued, “You may not see it, but every time they look in the mirror, they see this brown spot. Then with a laser treatment, we take away something that’s unsightly. It restores their confidence in themselves by improving their skin. When women are happy with their external appearance and they’re looking their best, they smile a little bit bigger.”

Dr. Walraven tells a story about Suzanne* (name changed,) who had marionette lines around her mouth.

“I have hated these for so long,” said Suzanne during her aesthetic consultation at Ageless Wellness’ Peachtree City office.

After she artfully injected filler around Suzanne’s mouth, Dr. Walraven handed her a mirror. Suzanne inhaled and said, “I can’t believe it.”

Why had Suzanne waited so long to fix something about her face that she HATED? According to Dr. Walraven, many women hesitate to do aethetics, because they’re afraid they’ll look unnatural. “When women begin working with Ageless Wellness, they soon realize they can achieve a more youthful appearance without looking overdone. You can be you, only younger looking and happier” said Dr. Walraven, who specializes in the artistry it takes to keep a woman looking naturally beautiful.

At Ageless Wellness, achieving ideal outcomes starts by creating a comprehensive plan. It’s not necessarily just a onetime treatment. Sometimes the first consultation is with Aesthetician Joan Birdsong, who has wisdom for how and when to utilize lasers and fillers, as well as insight for exactly the right facial for a woman’s skin type.

“We want to develop a partnership with clients. We talk about intervention, and then prevention and maintenance. Intervention is to change things that people don’t like about themselves. In prevention, we look at better skin care—and even better wellness programs for health—because beauty starts on the inside out. And in maintenance, Botox, for example, has to be updated regularly to keep the good effect on forehead lines,” said Dr. Walraven

Dr. Walraven loves to see her patients back happier than the first time they visited. “It’s so nice to see people coming back in, and they look radiant.”